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Automated Machinery

Minland Machine, Inc. builds a variety of CNC controlled bending machines and punch presses. Our company will work with your company in order to design a machine that better utilizes mechanical and engineering software in order to produce better more effective manufacturing operations. Bring us your most difficult application and let us design a machine that fits your application requirements.

DCB10 Bender

Quick Change Clamp Tooling

Quick Change Follow Bars

Mandrel Attachment Option


Machine Features:


Easy to Use 800×600 Touch Screen GUI.
Full Industrial keyboard\Mouse
Unlimited program storage
Incremental/Absolute programming Modes
Quick Change Tooling System
Split Die Actuator
Mandrel Attachment (optional)
24 ft. Servo Stop Table travel
Multi-Stage Stop Table (optional)
Dual Swing-arm safety plates
Auto-lube System
External Network Connection standard
USB/CDROM/Floppy standard
24 ft. Servo Stop Table travel
Table may be ordered in shorter lengths
220/40amp or 440/25amp 3ph Main Power

Software Features:


Windows 2000 Operating System
12 Programmable Bend settings with adjustable Bend Speeds for each bend
Programmable Stop Settings (with Global increase/decrease)
Load/Save/Edit Part Programs
Program Notes and DXF Drawings for Operator Reference
Online Machine Maintenance records
Program change log and Production reports
Online help screens and operators manual
Software security system to prevent unauthorized users from making changes to part programs


Option 1: Standard Stop Table


The Standard Linear Stop Table uses a single stop with infinite positioning


Advantage over the Multi-Stage Stop Table
• Infinite positioning – closer Stop to Stop settings
• Slight cost savings

Option 2: Multi-Stage Stop Table


Each Stop has Spring Loaded Swing Stops, the user simply pulls the material thru to the next stop.


Each Stop is Automatically positioned at the the start of the cycle. Table can have up to 12 stops. If your Part program requires less stops than the number of total stops the unused stops are sent to rear home positions and the software automatically positions the remaining stops as normal.


Advantage over the Single-Stage Stop Table
• 50% Faster Production – no waiting for stop to indexing between each bend cycle.
• Safety – The stop does not have to move during production.
• Less wear means less Stop Table life

CNC Controlled Hydraullic Clamp Ring Punch Machine

The Auto Punch is a CNC Hydraulic Punch Machine with a Servo Feed System, designed for easy operation, simply load the desired part program then set the feed rolls to fit the extrusion and insert the material on the right side of the machine. The Auto Punch Machine will pickup the edge of the part and advance the material and punch holes in the programmed locations. The completed part will be ejected on the left side of the machine.


With an electrically interlocked guard system that encloses the entire working area, the Auto punch is your solution to safe and fast punching of all your aluminum extrusions.

Sample Extrusions Profiles



  • Windows 2000 Operating system
  • Save, Edit part programs.
  • 1000 programmable hole locations per part program.
  • Built in Software to calculate hole locations for you.
  • Software security system to prevent unauthorized users from changing part programs.
  • On line maintenance log
  • On line production log – keeps track of operators and product production history
  • On line help screens
  • External USB & Network connection provided

Machine Specifications:

    • Speed: 72″ part with equally spaced holes on 6″ centers = 4 seconds
    • Max Part length: Unlimited
    • Max #of holes per part: 1000
    • Air Requirements: 80 psi. minimum shop air
    • Electrical: 220 single phase 30 amp

Air Operated Portable Notching Machine

This custom designed machine is designed to notch both sides of the aluminum channel at the same time. This portable punch unit will allow you to produce more attractive corners for all of your trim pieces.


Simply insert the material, clamp into place and actuate the air valve. Both sides of the channel will be punched at the same time. No more punching one side and then trying to line the other side up.



  • Air Supply: 100 PSI
  • Length: 26 inches
  • Width: 6.5 inches
  • Height: 7 inches
  • Weight: 93 LBS